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Specular Shading Optimization For A More Natural Looking

Low poly water mesh with unity standard specular material. When learning and practicing shader programming for Unity, I found the Cg Wiki website extremely benevolent on getting a well-rounded understanding of how to shade an object step by step. Apart from the magic configuration parts(Shader Properties/Passes/Tags etc.) of a typical Unity sh... Read more

Low Poly Water

Low poly water mesh with unity standard specular material. My first water shader exploration in unity started with trying to make the water surface waving. This required mesh manipulation through shader or scripts. By playing around it, I got to know more about what other effects I can try, and above is a little side-achievement – a nice low p... Read more

Water Shader Exploration - Part 1

Final work w/ transparency and faint tint. First try of making a water effect in Unity. Intro One of my current VR projects needs a nice and light water shader. I have been working on it for a while and keep iterating the the overall effect. Here is the water effect I have achieved so far, however it’s still far away from perfect simulatio... Read more

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