1000 Forms of Bunnies victor's tech art blog.

About Me

I am a Unreal Engine Developer and Technical Artist with great passion for game development, real-time virtual production and computer graphics R&D.

I enjoy working closely with both artists and engineers to implement and optimize digital assets, tackle rendering and pipeline problems and push for a better product performance and visual quality.


  • Unreal Engine » Blueprint/Python/Materials/Shaders/VFX
  • DCC » Maya/Blender/Substance/Houdini/Adobe Creative Suites
  • Dev Tools » Perforce/Git/Unity/VS
  • Programming Languages » C++/Python/GLSL/HLSL
  • Graphics API » OpenGL/DirectX
  • Video production and photography

Dev Platforms:

  • VR » Oculus/Vive/PSVR
  • PC/Console
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