About Me

Hi, my name is Victor Li.

I am a Technical Artist and CG Engineer based in Vancouver, Canada. I develop video games for various platforms especially Virtual Reality (VR).

I enjoy creating and optimizing shaders, visual effects and art/pipeline tools for games and general computer graphics applications. I also specialize in general GPU profiling and contents optimization for VR/AR project in Unity and Unreal. In the team, I work in collaboration with both artists and engineers to implement assets and push for a better game performance.

Currently working on VR game Evasion at Archiact Interactive.


  • Unreal Engine -> Blueprint/Shader&Material/Particles/Physics Destruction
  • Unity -> C# Scripting/ShaderLab
  • Shader -> Cg/GLSL/HLSL
  • Maya -> 3D Modeling/ MEL/Python Scripting
  • Graphics API -> OpenGL/Vuforia(AR)/DirectX
  • Programming Languages -> C++/C#/Python
  • Dev Tools -> Visual Studio/Perforce/Git/Linux/RenderDoc/Intel GPA
  • Art Tools -> Photoshop/Substance Painter
  • Video Editing -> Premiere Pro

Dev Platform:

  • VR -> HTC Valve/Oculus/PlayStation VR/Gear VR
  • Mobile -> IOS/Android
  • PC/Console