First Post

Welcome to my technical blog. My name is Victor Li and I am a Technical Artist and CG Engineer based in Vancouver.

After a few weeks of playing around with Jekyll, I finally got my blog set up and started to work on my first post now (Yay!). I have been using Wordpress to manage my blog for a while and as almost all the Jekyll related articles mentioned, the experience is just terrible – I don’t need that much complexity! Anyway, thanks to my colleagues, I got to know a pretty hacky way of blogging, which is Jekyll + GitHub Pages.


Since graduating and starting my internship, I have realized that my everyday life is changing a lot. Although everything switched from study oriented to work oriented and the environment switched from the campus to the office, the truly valuable study time actually just started. Everyday at work I got involved in informative conversations with my experienced colleagues and encountered many different challenges. And, this is just awesome. While solving problems I am learning how things work under the hood, and being able to know what on earth is happening beneath is such an amazing experience. In that moment all my thoughts are untwined into clear strings resonating with all the great minds and craftmanship. I may just stand in awe of all of them and realize it would be a shame not taking records of those “ah-ha” moments.


My undergraduate major was Digital Media Technology, which is a very interdisciplinary major under the department of Computer and Information Technology. I learned all the building blocks of computer science - like algorithms and programming as well as various techniques of producing digital media and art contents - like 3D modeling and motion picture editing. Among all the fields I’ve been exploring, the Computer Graphics course really showed me an fascinating world with enchanting visuals and intriguing complexity. However, being able to build things by myself was always the goal of my study. Also, the span of my undergraduate major lacked focus in a specific area. So I decided to narrow down my skill-set, gain more practical skills from working in teams, and find the industry I like.

I started my graduate student life at the Centre for Digital Media (CDM). As it is a project-focused Master’s program, I had many resources and chances to work with people from different backgrounds and learn to be a team player. During my time at CDM, the game development industry gradually grabbed my interest. Video games are a creative and organic mix of different types of digital media and art implemented through programming and graphics interfaces. I decided to develop my skill-set as a Technical Artist and CG Engineer in the game industry.


In my blog, I will mainly keep records of all my problem solving experiences working in the industry, partly as future reference and partly as showcasing. I’m still learning and practicing all the different techniques ranging from game programming to graphics optimizing, so I will keep summarizing my study progress in my blog. Working on many side projects with my friends allows me to develop my own tools, sometimes from scratch, so for this purpose I will also keep my dev log here.